PLATO PhD School 3

PLATO's third PhD school in Cambridge will focus on research methods, but will also include a 2-day effective researcher training and a 1-day supervisor workshop, both run by Vitae.

Research methods

10-12 September 2018

This seminar will give PLATO's PhD researchers an opportunity to discuss questions raised in their individual PhD projects with experts in specific methods. The sessions will deal with comparative case study design, process-tracing, focus groups and media content analysis.

PLATO supervisors are welcome, but not expected, to take part.

Effective researcher

13-14 September 2018

This is part three of Vitae's effective researcher programme tailor-made to PLATO's PhD researchers. The session will check up on the individual career development plans and prepare the researchers for the midterm review.

This course is for PLATO PhD researchers only.

Supervision workshop: A mentoring approach to supervision

15 September 2018 (tbc)

This one-day Vitae workshop for PLATO supervisors will serve to develop competences as a mentor that can apply to the supervisory relationship, discussing experiences and best practice of supervision. It will also be an opportunity to take stock of the supervision teams and to plan ahead of the upcoming academic secondments.

PLATO's main and co-supervisors at all levels are encouraged to attend. The workshop is open for all members of the consortium, including training partners and other team members who want to improve their mentoring/supervision skills.

Supervisory Board meeting

15 September 2018 (tbc)

The SB meeting will be held right before or after the above supervision workshop (same date).

The SB consists of one representative from each of PLATO's 20 partners, plus 2 ESR representatives. Training partners are not expected to be present.


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