Early Stage Researchers (ESRs)

PLATO's 15 PhD candidates have been recruited by the project's nine university partners and are enrolled at local PhD programmes across Europe.

Gil Thompson


PhD project: Legitimacy and Frontex maritime operations

Radu M. Triculescu


PhD project: How border controls apply to and affect the flow of asylum seekers in Europe

Elena Escalante Block


PhD project: Inter-institutional conflicts in the European Union and their impact on national reforms and citizens’ perceptions

Julien Bois


PhD project: A transnational judicialization of the Eurozone crisis? The politics of courts and law in EU’s economic governance since 2010

Philipp Lausberg


PhD project: Different forms of delegation to the EU financial system, and how far they are legitimate with different institutional stakeholders

Claire Godet


PhD project: How did the legitimacy difficulties originating from the financial crisis limit the EU's ability to reform its Carbon Trading Scheme?

Ivana Skazlić


PhD project: Are parliaments (national and European) still able to safeguard the democratic standard of citizens’ representation at the EU level in such pivotal policy fields as those affected by the European semester?

Emilija Tudzarovska-Gjorgjievska


PhD project: New understanding of corruption and EU legitimacy

Joris Melman


PhD project: Focus groups to examine popular understandings of legitimacy of EU response to the crisis

Dominika Proszowska 


PhD project: More powerful, more trustworthy EU? The impact of variations in the vertical distribution of competences and economic conditions on citizens' trust in the EU

Camille Dobler


PhD project: The crisis generation and the politics of emotions: Europeans in the making?

Bas Redert


PhD project: The lack of consumer groups’ influence in the realm of the European Supervision Authorities

Jose Piquer


PhD project: Contested legitimacies in Europe: Are technocratic and populist critiques of the EU conflicting or complementary discourses?

Jan Pesl


PhD project: EU legitimacy crisis and the public sphere: Discourse analysis with big data

Petra Petan


PhD project: Legitimacy issues or healthy criticism in the nascent European political sphere? A study of 2014 European elections as a legitimating exercise for the EU

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