Early Stage Researchers (ESRs)

PLATO's 15 PhD researchers have been recruited by the project's nine university partners and are enrolled at local PhD programmes across Europe.

Gil Thompson


PhD project: European Union administration of border controls: a mixed-method investigation of implications for legitimacy

Radu-Mihai Triculescu


PhD project: The bureaucracy of asylum seekers in multi-level governance

Elena Escalante Block


PhD project: Inter-institutional conflicts in the European Union and their impact on national reforms and citizens’ perceptions

Julien Bois


PhD project: A transnational judicialization of the Eurozone crisis? The politics of courts and law in EU’s economic governance since 2010

Philipp Lausberg


PhD project: The creation of the banking union: how to explain the delegations of power to the EU in the wake of the financial crisis?

Claire Godet


PhD project: The legitimacy crisis as a constraint on policy-making: the case of the EU Emissions Trading System

Ivana Skazlić


PhD project: Balancing democratic legitimacy and efficiency in the European Semester: does parliamentary involvement make a difference?

Emilija Tudzarovska-Gjorgjievska


PhD project: New understanding of corruption and EU legitimacy

Joris Melman


PhD project: Popular understandings of the legitimacy of the EU response to the financial crisis

Dominika Proszowska 


PhD project: Trusted or distrusted EU? The impact of variations in the vertical distribution of competences and economic conditions on citizens' trust in the EU

Camille Dobler


PhD project: Multi-level political identifications in the EU: the impact of a decade of crisis on socio-affective structures

Bas Redert


PhD project: Interest group involvement in the realm of the European Supervision Authorities

Jose Piquer


PhD project: Contested legitimacies and the rise of ‘Anti-Politics’ in Europe: populist and technocratic challenges to EU’s legitimacy

Jan Pesl


PhD project: EU legitimacy crisis and the public sphere

Tiffany G. Williams


PhD project: Securing citizen buy-in to support partnership by conditionality: investigating determinants for European Union support in the South Caucasus

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