Dominika Proszowska on political trust in multilevel systems at EGPA

Dominika Proszowska presented her co-authored work twice at the 2019 EGPA Conference 'Public Administration across Borders', which took place in Belfast on 11-13 September 2019.

QUB campus

The 2019 EGPA Annual Conference 'Public Administration across Borders' was held in Belfast on 11-13 September 2019. The European Group for Public Administration (EGPA) is the regional group of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS). EGPA aims to be the European platform for public administration by bringing together academics and practitioners. Dominika presented her work on political trust in multilevel political systems in two panels:

  • Panel PSG IV on Local Governance and Democracy & PSG V on Regional and Local Government
  • Panel PSG XIV on EU Administration and Multilevel Governance

The Impact of Political Factors on Developing Political Trust in Multilevel Political Systems

Dominika Proszowska, PLATO PhD researcher (ESR10), University of Twente


Although the debate on roots and causes of political trust is ongoing, many scholars agree about the relevance of such political factors as institutional performance, political responsiveness and political/ideological distance between the citizens and governmental incumbents. Still, no study to this day investigated and compared the relevance of those factors across three levels of a multilevel governance system (EU, national and local government). In this paper, we hypothesize (1) that political trust in governments at the local, national and EU level is specific (i.e. it is about citizens’ perceptions and orientations with regard to current office holders at a particular level of government) (2) and is - at all three levels - explained by essentially the same factors. We test our hypotheses on data collected through the Dutch Local Election Studies 2018, which were later on complemented with additional questions following the European Parliament elections in May 2019.

The paper is co-authored with Bas Denters and Giedo Jansen (both University of Twente).


Queen's University Belfast
When: 11-13 September 2019
Organiser: The European Group for Public Administration (EGPA)
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