Camille Dobler

Talking about Europe: legitimacy and identity at the border

Institute of European Studies, Jagiellonian University

ESR11 | e-mail | Twitter: @CamilleDobler

PhD project

There is an obvious interconnection between the two issues of identity and legitimacy in the European Union. Although they are two different processes of political construction, they are closely linked. Building upon theoretical and historical thoughts on this interconnection, my PhD explores and assesses the impact(s) a decade of multiple crisis had on European citizens’ sense of constituting political communities. Multiple country case studies will inform the research, which will rely on focus groups and qualitative discourse analysis.

Supervisor: Zdzislaw Mach, Institute of European Studies, Jagiellonian University

Co-supervisor: Florence Haegel, CEE, Sciences Po Paris


Democracy International, Cologne


Before joining PLATO, I have worked in the context of several public institutions: French, European and international. While this provided me with a good understanding of the complex European institutional framework, my thirst for knowledge was not fulfilled and in fact grew stronger. I have always sought to cut across traditional academic boundaries and PLATO offers me the opportunity to do so, bringing together the different expertise of an international and integrated cohort of students, academics and professionals. I believe this to be the conditio sine qua non to grasp the full picture of the EU’s unique political nature. Nationality: French.

  • MSc in European Studies, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • MRes in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (5 year degree), Sciences Po Lille
  • BA in Social Sciences, University of Strasbourg


  • secondments-970 Preparing PhDs for non-academic careers

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