Ambiguous identities at the Rhine border

Camille Dobler has published a chapter in the book European Regions, where she illustrates the complexity of collective identities by using the example of the Strasbourg border region.


In the words of the editors, 'Camille Dobler draws a dense picture of the multiplexity of collective identities by using the example of the Strasbourg border region. Her qualitative interviews illustrate the coexistence of various identities but also reveal that European identity is not a particularly significant referent for her interview partners. European identity seems to be more functionally than emotionally integrated in people’s stories at the border; it mainly comes to respondent’s minds when addressing crossborder activities such as working or education. Her chapter again illustrates the importance of boundaries as a social fact and not merely a geographical matter' (p. 15).

About the book

At the beginning of the 21st century, the EU is facing deep political, social, and economic changes. The benefit of supranational organization is no longer obvious to European citizens and questions of legitimacy have accompanied the EU's development over the last decades. Regions – albeit often deemed 'obsolete' – present themselves as stable and reliable partners in this turbulent environment: in being important objects of identification to their citizens, but also relevant political and legal entities in the EU's multilevel governance system. This edited volume asks about the role of regions and regional identity in a European Union that is perhaps struggling more than ever about its future.


Dobler, Camille
Ambiguous Identities at the Rhine border: Failures and Successes of Europeanisation in a Pioneering Laboratory of European Integration

European Regions: Perspectives, Trends and Developments in the 21st Century
Elisabeth Donat, Sarah Meyer and Gabriele Abels (eds)
Transcript Verlag, 2020, ISBN: 978-3-8394-5069-7

Available Open Access, DOI:

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