PLATO offers an intensive and demanding programme of academic training as well as training in a range of professional skills, work experience from relevant sectors and professional career planning.

Training programme

PLATO’s training programme is taught by a multidisciplinary faculty of leading scholars as well as professionals from think tanks and the consulting sector, non-governmental organisations and media.

The training is offered as part of four one-week PhD schools in Berlin (January 2018), Vienna (March 2018), Cambridge (September 2018) and Twente (October 2019), as well as some additional training events. Moreover, the project's kick-off conference in Oslo (October 2017) brought together the project’s team of 15 Early Stage Researchers and project partners for academic discussions and networking. 

Overview of all project events

Professional and career development

PLATO's PhD researchers are offered free use of Vitae's Researcher Development Framework (RDF) to plan and monitor their progress. Career and professional development is encouraged through a set of training events/career days.


The PhD researchers are hosted by the home institution of their co-supervisor for three months and undertake a shorter non-academic secondment at one of PLATO's training partners.

Training programme for supervisors

PLATO has a particular focus on supervision and aims to contribute to capacity building for all supervisors in the network. To this end, our professional partner Vitae offers a number of tailor-made events and resources.

About Vitae

The UK-based organisation Vitae is the global leader in the professional development of researchers, enabling high quality support for researchers. As a partner in PLATO, Vitae contributes to the training of PhD researchers and supervisors.