Multiple crises have created new legitimacy challenges for the EU. Have the EU's responses to those crises been legitimate?

PLATO is a European network of leading research universities and professionals from the policy advice, consulting and civil society sectors. The innovative programme trains 15 PhD researchers to contribute to solving key policy issues for Europe.


PLATO investigates the legitimacy of the EU’s responses to the financial crisis. It will use the example of the financial crisis to build and test theory of what would amount to a legitimacy crisis in the case of a multi-state, non-state political system such as the EU.


PLATO offers an intensive and demanding programme of academic training as well as training in a range of professional skills, work experience from relevant sectors and individual professional career planning.

Partners and PhDs

PLATO's team brings together nine university partners which employ 15 PhD researchers. Eleven training partners contribute to the network with professional expertise and secondment opportunities.

What is PLATO?

The project in brief (pdf)


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