Routine or Rare Activity?

Ivana Skazlić has published a quantitative assessment of parliamentary scrutiny in the European Semester in a special issue of Politics and Governance


The European Semester is an EU procedure, designed to facilitate coordination between national and EU actors in planning and implementing economic and fiscal policies and contribute to sustained economic convergence and employment in the EU. Scholars have highlighted this procedure as a crucial area of EU politics for national parliaments since its introduction in 2011. However, national parliaments participate differently in the European Semester. This article investigates which factors (institutional, political, economic) are more likely to intensify parliamentary engagement at the national stage of the procedure, based on a comparative quantitative analysis of parliamentary scrutiny activities across 35 parliaments/chambers in the EU over the 2014–2017 period. The article offers new insights about prospects for greater parliamentary accountability in the European Semester in practice


Skazlić, Ivana (2021), ‘Routine or Rare Activity? A Quantitative Assessment of Parliamentary Scrutiny in the European Semester’, Politics and Governance, 9(3), 112-123.

DOI: 10.17645/pag.v9i3.4226

Published Aug. 16, 2021 6:08 PM - Last modified Aug. 16, 2021 6:08 PM