Tiffany G. Williams

Securing citizen buy-in to support partnership by conditionality: Investigating determinants for European Union support in the South Caucasus

Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna

ESR15 |

PhD project

My PhD project investigates positive trends in EU trust and support observed after the EU financial crisis in the Eastern Partnership partner nations of the South Caucasus, and analyzes the impact of these trends on citizen political participation and voting behavior. Because these trends corroborate recent partnership agreement progress after years of partnership stall in certain South Caucasus countries, the project probes the EU’s standards for securing citizen buy-in in order to influence government behavior. The findings of this research will account for the legitimacy of the EU’s operations in the region, and will therefore further inform the democratic legitimacy of the EU’s approach to foreign partnership via conditionality and norm diffusion.

About me

I have a background in evaluation including working at the Cornell Office for Research on Evaluation and the Independent Office of Evaluation of the International Fund for Agricultural Development. Additionally, I have worked with public sector and nonprofit clients as an independent research and evaluation consultant. My academic training and professional experience corroborate the value of the methodology I employ in my PhD project for policy analysis, impact evaluation, and other forms of evaluative and analytical practice. As such, I enthusiastically aim to bridge research to practice and policymaking in all of my work, and will do the same with my PhD project. Because PLATO involves a broader research community beyond academia, it offers me a unique opportunity to achieve this important goal.


  • Master of Public Administration, Cornell University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, Portland State University


  • USA


  • Guido Tiemann, Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna
  • Johannes Pollak, Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna
  • Colin Hay, Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics, Sciences Po, Paris
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