Effective Supervision: Final stages of the PhD

This third PLATO workshop for supervisors will address best practices to support PhDs in finishing their projects in time. It will focus on key elements of effective PhD supervision, such as managing expectations, supporting effective goal setting, encouraging progress, adapting to individual needs, and dealing with difficult circumstances.

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This session will focus on key elements of effective PhD supervision, such as:

  • Managing expectations and learning partnerships/Supervision Charter
  • Supporting effective goal setting and action planning
  • Monitoring and encouraging progress
  • Working with the strengths and motivational needs of individual students
  • Dealing with difficult circumstances

To encourage discussion and problem-solving, PhDs and supervisors alike have been asked to provide examples from their own experience and best practice. 

PLATO aims to edit the preparatory work and workshop discussions into a booklet of best practice.


Emma Gillaspy

Academic and Researcher Development Consultant & Senior Lecturer in Digital Learning, University of Central Lancashire

Emma is an experienced educator, academic developer and executive coach and brings these elements together to provide a learning environment which is active, challenging and supportive. She supports other educators in finding their own path to teaching excellence and works strategically to improve the student experience. Other areas of expertise include public engagement, communication, leadership and personal effectiveness. Before moving into the field of academic and researcher development, she worked in the NHS as an information scientist and a clinical molecular geneticist following graduation from her PhD studying the genetics of osteoarthritis.

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The workshop is open for all members of the consortium, including training partners and other team members with some experience of supervising PhD candidates.


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