Training programme for supervisors

PLATO has a particular focus on supervision and aims to contribute to capacity building for all supervisors in the network. To this end, our professional partner Vitae offers a number of tailor-made events and resources.

The target group for the training is all main and co-supervisors, both those with decades-long experience and those at junior level, as well as training partners and other team members who want to improve their mentoring and supervision skills.

The training programme is provided by PLATO's partner Vitae and includes three workshops for supervisors tailored to the project's needs:

  • finding ways to ensure good cooperation within the supervision teams
  • sharing best practice between supervisors, at junior and senior level alike
  • building capacity in supervision at PLATO's partner institutions 

In addition, supervisors are introduced to activities and tools that can be used with PLATO's PhD researchers to help them in their professional development planning (most notably the RDF Planner) in an introductory webinar and by means of online resources.


Supervision workshop 3: Best practice towards PhD completion 

Enschede, 17 October 2019

The workshop for supervisors will address best practices to support PhDs in finishing their projects in time. It will focus on key elements of effective PhD supervision, such as managing expectations, supporting effective goal setting, encouraging progress, adapting to individual needs, and dealing with difficult circumstances.

Supervision workshop 2

Cambridge, 13 September 2018

The workshop will bring PhDs and supervisors together to revisit the PLATO Supervision Charter and reflect on the evolving supervisory relationships. The second part for supervisors will address some of the dilemmas facing researchers in their role as supervisors and support them in developing competences as mentors.

Supervisor Webinar: Helping researchers take control of their careers: Activities and tools for professional development planning

8 November 2017

This webinar presents Vitae and the Researcher Development Framework (RDF) that the project's PhD researchers are using.

Supervision workshop 1: Beginning with the end in mind: Completing a team PhD

Oslo, 20 October 2017

PhD researchers and supervisors were guided though a discussion of the supervisory relationship within the 'team PhD' context of PLATO. Participants contributed their ideas to a PLATO Supervision Charter, allowing researchers and supervisors to get off to the best start in their research and their relationships, for successful completion of the 15 projects.

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Researchers who take part in PLATO's supervision training programme will receive a Vitae diploma that includes those parts of the programme she/he has attended.

Vitae logoAbout Vitae

Vitae is the global leader in the professional development of researchers, enabling high quality support for researchers

  • International programme managed by CRAC, a not-for-profit charity
  • Dedicated to active career learning and development
  • Working in the researcher development since 1968
  • Leading expertise in enhancing the skills and career impact of researchers locally within a global context

Vitae vision and aims

To lead world-class personal, professional and career development for researchers

  • Influence effective policy development and implementation relating to researcher development
  • Enhance higher education provision to train and develop researchers
  • Empower researchers to make an impact in their careers
  • Evidence the impact of professional and career development for researchers

Vitae resources for supervisors

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