Ivana Skazlić

Legitimacy and effectiveness of the European Semester: does the parliamentary involvement make a difference?

Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna

ESR7 | skazlic@ihs.ac.at

PhD project

The European Semester procedure, one of the EU’s main responses to the crisis, is a central part of the enhanced system of economic governance in the EU. However, the procedure is suspected of undermining democratic legitimacy at the national level, due to a marginal and uneven involvement of national parliaments. At the same time, member states tend to take rather piecemeal actions in response to the EU policy recommendations issued within the European Semester, indicating a limited impact of procedure and casting doubt on its effectiveness. This research project investigates more closely to what extent a greater involvement of national parliaments in the European Semester can contribute to achieving the twin goals of efficient policy implementation and democratic legitimacy. The aim is therefore twofold: First, it seeks to address the question of democratic legitimacy by analysing actual parliamentary European Semester-related practices. Second, it aims to investigate the impact of parliamentary involvement on the effectiveness of the procedure.

About me

I hold two Master’s Degrees in the field of European and International Studies and Political Science. Additionally, I obtained the qualifications as the Policy Officer in European and International organizations and the EU Funds Project Manager. To reinforce my academic studies, I also gained three years of professional and research experience at the Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO), Zagreb. As a continuation of my development, PLATO gives me the opportunity to acquire theoretical and methodological knowledge within a genuinely interdisciplinary and international framework and to advance my research competencies to explore the contemporary challenge facing the European integration project.

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  • MA in Advanced European and International Studies, Centre International de Formation Européenne, Nice
  • MA in Political Science, University of Zagreb
  • BA in Political Science, University of Zagreb


  • Croatian


  • Katrin Auel, Institute for Advanced Studies
  • Julie Smith, POLIS, University of Cambridge
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