Institute for Advanced Studies Vienna

The Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) is an independent, non-profit institute funded by the Austrian government and other public organisations. The Research Group European Integration is one of eleven groups established at IHS and brings together researchers from a range of different fields – such as economics, political science and sociology. It is committed to internationally competitive and highly visible research within the field of European integration studies. It focuses on salient European topics, including European democracy, legitimacy and institutional change; agencification of EU executive politics; elections, public opinion and the challenges to EU policy-making.

PLATO PhD candidates

Ivana Skazlić

ESR7 (parliamentary representation)

PhD project: Legitimacy and effectiveness of the European Semester: does the parliamentary involvement make a difference?

Tiffany G. Williams

ESR15 (European elections)

PhD project: Securing citizen buy-in to support partnership by conditionality: investigating determinants for European Union support in the South Caucasus


Katrin Auel

Associate Professor and Head of Research Group 'European Integration'

Katrin Auel's research focuses in particular on Europeanisation, multilevel governance, and the role of national parliaments in the EU.

Her publications include 'Multi-arena players in the making? Conceptualizing the role of national parliaments since the Lisbon Treaty', with Christine Neuhold (Journal of European Public Policy, 2017), After Lisbon: national parliaments in the European Union, co-edited with Thomas Christiansen (special issue of West European Politics, 2015), ‘National parliaments and the eurozone crisis: taking ownership in difficult times?’, with Oliver Höing (West European Politics, 2015), and 'Parliaments in the euro crisis: can the losers of integration still fight back?’, with Oliver Höing (Journal of Common Market Studies, 2014).

Johannes Pollak

Professor of Political Science (on leave)

Johannes Pollak is Director of Webster Vienna Private University and Professor of Political Science at Webster University's International Relations Department. He is currently on leave from his position as Head of the IHS Research Group 'European Integration'. Pollak's main areas of research are European integration, political representation, and democracy beyond the nation state.

Among his publications are Representation, co-edited with Chris Lord (Routledge, 2017), 'Which democratic principles? What deficit?', with John Erik Fossum in The European Union: which institutional architecture for which democracy? (Cambridge University Press, 2015), and 'The pitfalls of representation as claims-making', with Chris Lord (Journal of European Integration, 2013).

Guido Tiemann

Associate Professor of Comparative European Politics

Guido Tiemann specializes in quantitative methods, party politics, voting behaviour, and electoral systems, and looks at these topics in relation to European integration and EU politics.

He has published numerous articles, including 'The impact of economic perceptions on voting behaviour in European parliamentary elections', with Monika Bartkowska (Journal of Common Market Studies, 2015), 'Local districts, national contexts, and the number of parties' (West European Politics, 2015), and 'Projection effects and specification bias in spatial models of European Parliament elections' (European Union Politics, 2013).

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